Staying active on all social media platforms and engaging and growing your audience takes time as well as resources. That’s because, nowadays, there are one too many large social media platforms, and you just need to be present and active on all of them. It’s no surprise that social media management has become a serious burden for both companies and individuals alike. Now, you’d think that hiring a dedicated person or a team will reduce your effort, but that comes with its own set of challenges. From tedious hiring processes to finances, you’d have to take care of it all yourself! Having a full-time employee to dedicate to this isn’t already practical or even feasible, But, wouldn’t it be great if you could use a central platform to control and manage this activity, and bid adieu to all the challenges that employee management entails?

A stream of solutions for your social media management are just a Google search away, but SocialBee is one tool that makes a difference by being automated in the areas of posting, growing your audience, and engaging it. The motto “social media on auto-pilot” is a premise that leaves no one unmoved, and it’s interesting to see how far it really goes.

About SocialBee

SocialBee is a SaaS tool that is aimed at uniting your activity on various social media platforms, aiding you in finding others who are engaged in similar fields of interest or business, and finally build a wider and more devoted audience with all the benefits that come from it. Whether you are an agency, an entrepreneur, an author, or a blogger, SocialBee will help you get more leads from socials with little to no effort from your end, depending on your selected plan.

About SocialBee

The software offers four different payment plans that correspond to four service packs. The first two (Bootstrap and Accelerate) will provide you with the basic tool version that comes with the main promotional features that we will look into next. They have some limitations, but they are still great for many applications and they cost $29 and $49 per month, respectively. The next two come with SocialBee’s “concierge services”, which practically means that you have the bees (agents) working for you. Limited concierge costs $98/month, and full concierge is $147/month. For more details on the pricing and the associated features,click here.


  1. EvergreenEvergreen is a feature that lets you recycle your content and have the SocialBee tool post from a list, following a “last in – first out” approach. This means that you have the ability to reuse your published content as many times as necessary, and exactly as frequently as you want. This feature is not just valuable to users who run year-long campaigns, but also for shorter campaigns as you can set your content to expire after being published a certain number of times. Evergreen
  2. Category-Based PostingThe category-based schedule is another unique feature of SocialBee. It helps you organize your content into different categories, based on the type of content you want to share. This helps with creating a better content mix for your social media, posting more targeted material, ephemeral posts, and time-sensitive content.
    Category-Based Posting
  3. Grow your TwitterTweeting can be addictive, and I sure am guilty of it! While SocialBee supports all of the mainstream social media platforms, it has a specialization on Twitter. The tool incorporates growth progress tracking features so that you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t. Moreover, SocialBee suggests accounts to follow based on their activity, and provides deep insights on what your fans and friends are up to so you can recognize and take advantage of trends.Grow your Twitter
  4. “Engage” FeaturesIs there a better way to engage your audience than sending direct messages to them? SocialBee helps you generate automated @mentions, personalize your direct messages by automatically adding the followers’ details, and finally, also generate targeted messages. Say goodbye to manual tagging!“Engage” Features
  5. Worker Bees at Your ServiceThe concierge services include automation in four areas, namely the onboarding, Twitter growth, content curation, and internal email communication. Having these add-ons is like having four specialist bees working for you to write and publish new and original content, grow your Twitter account, curate content specifically for your goals, and finally receive your ideas through email and take promotional action based on what you have envisioned.
  6. RSS ImportingAnother amazing feature of SocialBee is the easy and automatic RSS Import. Choose a blog that is relevant to your area of engagement and you can set the tool to automatically share any new article or blog post published by that blog, right through their RSS feed. Now, that’s auto-pilot!
  7. Inefficiency DetectionSocialBee warns you when you are following accounts that don’t bring any value to you, users who are inactive or even robots, and blacklisted accounts. All this helps spend resources only where it matters, so everything is tracked and evaluated on a continuous basis.


  • Easily Recycle Content : Evergreen is the system that allows you to recycle content posts automatically, following a LIFO method of queuing and publishing. This is super-handy in a wide spectrum of social media management, so having it automated is of key importance.
  • Browser Extension : You can easily and seamlessly add a post on one of your categories by using the handy SocialBee browser extension. Read something interesting while browsing? It’s only a click away from your followers on all your social media channels.
  • Frequent Updates : This one comes straight from the user forums as I have not been using the software for a long period. They report that SocialBee is constantly developing while remaining stable, bringing new features that expand its functionality very often.
  • Concierge Services : Not everyone offers specialized agents who can curate content for you, grow your Twitter quickly, and even generate original and compelling posts for your business. For a monthly fee, SocialBee is becoming your very own Social Media Specialist.
  • Try-out and Demos : ‘Try before you buy’ is crucial as SocialBee comes at a hefty price. But, thankfully, they offer a “free to try” period of 14 days, a detailed demonstration session that you can personally arrange with the team, and a comfortable 100% money-back guarantee lasting for 30 days. All this is more than enough to help you determine whether SocialBee is bringing the benefits that you aspired to get or not.
  • Customer Service : The customer service is impeccable, and you can get immediate online help either through the chat platform, or advice and answers from the SocialBee team on their dedicated help page.


  • Can Potentially Lead to Spamming : SocialBee is great and certainly a powerful tool, but in the wrong hands, it may lead to the opposite of achieving social media growth. For example, if you wrongfully arrange multiple publish actions on the same social media channel, it could result in in spamming your followers. Thankfully, the tool also comes with some safeguards in place that will help you avoid getting banned or penalized in certain platforms like Twitter.
  • Autopilot Only for Higher Plans : While I can see the notion of the “auto-pilot” manifesting even in the cheaper plans up to a point, the “real” autopilot only comes with the high-cost plans and the concierge services. While that’s understandable, the promotional material may give new customers the wrong idea.
  • There is No Free Plan : The complete absence of a free plan with limited features is a dealbreaker for many. There’s a free trial period of two weeks of course, but still, individuals on their first steps may find it hard to justify the cost.
  • Requires Learning : SocialBee doesn’t really have a steep learning curve, but not everyone is used to category-based scheduling. That said, you’ll have to get used to it and fully comprehend how it works, and only then you will be able to reap all its benefits.


  1. Reach out to a wider audienceThe whole point of social media is to reach out to people and promote yourself, your products, or your message. With tools like SocialBee this becomes easy and effective, helping you build rich communities of follower quickly.
  2. Share relevant content and engage your followersWinning followers is one thing, keeping them engaged is another. SocialBee helps you do both, but it’s especially the latter that keeps them “warm”, interacting a lot on your “walls”, sharing your content to more channels and users, and bringing you more followers in the long term.
  3. Automate posting and re-postingNot everyone has the time to post or re-post every day, and SocialBee is taking this need out of the equation with its amazing Evergreen and posting features. Quick posting through the browser plug-in, smart queuing, and effective targeting complete an almost perfect picture.
  4. Leave everything on “auto-pilot”If you are paying for the higher cost plans, you are practically required to do almost nothing. The platform’s experts undertake the curating, writing of content, and promoting your social media accounts. Sit back and relax like a queen bee, while worker bees gather the honey for you.

The Bottom Line

SocialBee is undoubtedly a powerful social media management tool that frees up time and resources, making your operations on that part way more efficient. The question to ask though is: “do I need it?”. Large corporations and organizations have a lot to gain from using SocialBee, as they are already engaging whole departments on this type of work. However, smaller companies oftentimes rush to promote through their social media channels before they actually have their product or message convincingly ready.

That said, SocialBee is suitable for those who have established themselves and need to make their already existent social media presence much more impactful and way less costly. Those who aren’t established may find features aimed at helping them grow their online communities quickly, but still you’ll need to have a certain basis of a followers’ community otherwise the cost will exceed the effects of the offered benefits. In any case, and even if you are unsure about where you currently stand, the two-week trial period and the analytical demonstrations given by the SocialBee team will help you determine if this tool will bring you what you are hoping for.



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