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For small organizations and companies that offer classes, facility booking services, event organization, and appointments, scheduling these activities can take time and resources that are often not readily available. Imagine a Yoga Studio, for example, with their services ranging from group classes to private lessons. What if the learners could visit their website and book themselves into a class, or even buy monthly class packs? The teachers would then simply get informed about the bookings, and all would be done without the need of operating a front desk.

This level of automation not only frees the hands of the limited personnel of small companies, but also allows for a more efficient workflow and a better customer experience for sure. Members of a club, coaches, activity operators, and everyone involved stay connected with each other at all times by using the Omnify smartphone app, maintaining a flexible scheduling that leaves nothing to worry about for neither parties.

About Omnify

Omnify is an e-commerce and automatic scheduling platform for small companies and organizations that are engaged in sports, facility booking, event hosting, and other relevant services. Omnify is able to cover the full spectrum of needs for such companies, including POS payments, automatic scheduling, automatic invoicing, automated waitlist management, in-depth employee and client management, email marketing support, and even data acquisition and reporting.

Aiming to serve as an all-in-one platform, Omnify offers features that are geared towards connecting your business presence and its functions. For this to work, the platform can save your clients’ information and automatically connect with their social media accounts, engaging them on the channels that you are active. This brings added value to the product and provides a more complete solution for smaller businesses.


  1. Class Scheduling
    Due to the target market of this app, I would say the most important feature is the class scheduling and all that comes with it. You can set the price, duration, cancellation policy, maximum attendance and the booking requirements, and your customers will then do the rest on Omnify. The bookings can be made either through the phone app, the website widget, or a custom domain. As the bookings are made and classes are populated, you will get control through the class calendar, email the attendees, check people in, or even arrange reschedules.
  2. Events Scheduling
    When your business is ready to organize an event, you can schedule it similarly to the classes and Omnify will make it available to your customers, or even promote it to them through email and social media. You can even set up a framework of different client categories, and Omnify will manage the incoming tickets and handle multiple waiting lists automatically.
  3. Appointments Scheduling
    Online appointments are also possible through Omnify. From the scheduling to the conduction of the appointment, your prospect or existing customers can connect with you for consultation or any other purpose. Setting up paid appointments is also possible. Of course, if using a plan with multiple team members, you can arrange appointments with them as well so this feature is not limited to customers only.
  4. Online Payments automation
    Having POS support for all major credit/debit cards and automatic invoicing are enough on their own to give a small company and their customers a peace of mind. Class, event, and appointment scheduling can be set to require partial or full payment, so you can have that crossed off the list. Now, for those returning or long-term customers, you can even set up Omnify to accept recurring payments on specified time periods (weekly, monthly, yearly), manage subscription services, and auto-book people who want to automatically enlist on a certain class or service type.
  5. Client information storing
    Engagement with your customers on all platforms that they are present is crucial in getting the most out of this relationship. Omnify connects with the enlisted clients on socials, stores their check-in in your premises, generates data on the services that they purchase from you (sales reporting), and finally reports back to you. A Google Analytics integration is also available for your website widget. Having this information in your hands means that you can develop more targeted and more effective promotional strategies for your customers.
  6. Customization
    Custom fields, custom forms, custom domain mapping, and custom landing pages are all possible in Omnify, but not on all plans. However, if your company is medium to large-sized, this feature is very important as booking services should be a coherent part of your branding promotion.
  7. Integrations
    Due to the nature and role of Omnify, it needs to step into many different areas, combine things together and get the work done equally well in all fields. For this reason, integration with 3rd party apps is critical, and thankfully, Omnify is doing quite good in that part. Right now, the platform integrates with WordPress, Zapier, MailChimp, Google Contacts, Gmail, Autopilot, ConvertKit, Drip, and more.
  8. Omnify GO
    Last, but not by any means least, there is the Android and iOS application “Omnify GO” which can be used by both you and your clients. Through this app, you can do everything – from creating advertisements to performing calendar re-scheduling, while the clients can log in and schedule their classes, appointments, etc. Having that comfort cannot be taken for granted, and “GO” is the right way to go if you want to make things easy and simple for everyone.


  • Under development: Omnify is a product that is under heavy development, and this means that new features and abilities are constantly added to it. The platform is shaping according to the users’ feedback, and this is evident by its intuitive interface.
  • Easy and appealing interface: Having an easy to use interface means that you can set up your services quickly and that your clients will not have to follow complicated procedures in order to book a service and pay for it. Combine this with the appealing design, and your clients will have something extra to be satisfied with.
  • Email alerts: Having an email alert to remind you that you have an appointment with a client or a class to teach, or an event to attend to can sometimes make the whole difference between doing it and forgetting it. Of course, its main value is that it takes away another piece of your daily anxiety.
  • Relatively cheaper than most: Omnify is not the only solution of its kind, and many of its competitors can claim to offer more advanced features here and there. However, at this price range, Omnify is really one of the very few smart choices one can make.
  • Smartphone app: There’s almost no limit to what can be done through the phone app, at least as far as the basic operations are concerned. This makes it a powerful and simultaneously handy tool for both the users and the customers.


  • Complaints about many bugs: Heavy and active development that brings many new features can also introduce quite a few bugs with each new version. Many users have expressed their complaints about minor bugs found in various screens, etc., but at least they acknowledge that Omnify’s development team listens to their feedback and fixes them with every new release.
  • Not exactly feature-rich: Omnify offers quite a lot of features, but not absolutely everything that a modern business could be in need of. Especially in the areas of customization fields and integration with apps, there is a notable margin for improvement and advancements. Finally, the cheaper plans suffer from a lack of notable features that are available on higher plans.
  • No indication of availability: Having no indication about the availability of a tutor for a private lesson, for example, can be confusing or even frustrating for a client. Omnify does not support the setting of availability for team members just yet.


  1. Automate Scheduling

Set it and forget it. Almost that is, if it wasn’t for the email alerts. Omnify will receive the bookings and allocate the clients in accordance with the scheduling parameters that you have defined, so everything is done automatically.

2. Automate Payments

The fuss of having to calculate costs, receive payments, log them in your files, and issue invoices is a fuss, no matter whether you are the giver or the receiver. Omnify automates this step so all services are pre-paid by attendees, invoices are issued online, and no one has to worry about anything.

3. Manage and Control

Having insightful data about your clients, the purchasing of your services, and the engagement that you achieve is key to managing and controlling your operations successfully. With the sales reports and Google Analytics data reporting, Omnify keeps you at the epicenter of its functionality while making the lives of your clients easier at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Taking your small business to the next level has to start from somewhere, and Omnify is a great stepping stone to help you with that. Offering monthly or yearly payments (discounted), it can add sheer power to your operations with as little as $19/month (“Lite” plan – 100 clients and 1 member). Even this basic plan offers unlimited services and bookings, and of course the “GO” mobile app integration.

If you need more members, there’s the “Studio” plan that allows up to 5 team members and unlimited clients with their profiles stored. For even more advanced features and more team members, Omnify offers “Business” ($79/month), “Advanced” ($99/month), and “Premium” ($199/month) plans that allow more customization, advanced analytics, and dedicated account management.

All plans can be tested out for a short period of seven days, which is too short in my opinion as you need to engage your clients in using the platform first, and then evaluate its potential and projected benefits.


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