There are two perceptions to any product or service – yours and your customers’. You may think that your offering is A-1. After all, you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into creating it. But, do your customers think it’s worth their time? And, even if they do, how do you find out if they’re happy with it? Moreover, how do you know if there’s still room for improvement (and, trust me, there always is)?


Feedback; easily the best way to learn about your customers’ opinions on their experience with your product/brand. This helpful information enables you to adjust your business to fit their needs more aggressively and also ensure loyalty.

The only problem is this – given that there are tens of thousands of brands, each slogging hard to leave a mark on the customer, how does the customer take your feedback form seriously? How many surveys will they constantly take on SurveyMonkey? How may Google feedback forms will they fill before they get sick of it? As a serious business owner, you need a platform that takes feedback in style, and Feedier is where your search ends.

About Feedier

One of the most attractive feedback podiums out there, Feedier is a gamification platform that lets you collect valuable and fruitful customer feedback in an intelligent, interactive manner. What’s outstanding about it is the fact that it’s much more than just a feedback collector. With a stunningly simple UI and multiple engagement options, it suffices to say that the days of boring, long surveys are behind us, for good.

About Feedier

Among the many highlights of Feedier (discussed below) are customizable template creation, real-time insights, an in-built reward-based system to increase brand loyalty, and an exciting customer engagement system to ensure retention. Feedier is available in most spoken languages, so that you can interact with your customers in a language they best understand. Let’s dig deeper into its features.


  1. Feedback carrier
    Feedback carrier
    Feedier’s feedback tool is called “carrier” that you can brand your way. This means that either you use their pre-defined templates or bots, or make them yours by adding a custom domain, intro content, footer note, and more. The carrier also allows you to plan your campaign in accordance with your desired dates. This impressive amount of control in your hands is one of the many reasons why the platform stands out in a pool of feedback collectors.
  2. Flexible question creator
    Flexible question creator
    Remember filling out one of those ugly forms with a series of boring questions? Not anymore! Feedier lets you pick from five types of Qs – short text, NPS Score, Slider, Select, and Long Text. The satisfaction filter also lets you display relevant questions to the right users, based on how satisfied they are. So, go all out and make your feedback collection as sensational as you want to.
  3. Targeted engagement
    Targeted engagement
    Take customer engagement to the next level by easy targeting. Choose to display follow buttons on your favorite social networks at the end of the feedback experience, get new testimonials by asking your customers to leave you a good word along with their email, and get new subscribers to boost your newsletter list.
  4. Dynamic filtering
    Multiple filters to get clear ready-to-use segmentation of your results, live automatically updated data, and an export tool for all your feedback entries matching the filters you create – Feedier has it all.
  5. Reward manager
    Reward managerI don’t remember getting any freebies for any survey I took or form I filled (sigh!). Feedier’s reward management system, on the other hand, is where feedback collection really becomes fun. You can give away coupons and vouchers to your customers, each time they take a survey.But, it doesn’t end here. Feedier allows you to send custom files as exclusive content, special invites, and even real money via PayPal! Of course, there’s a distribution limit and defined probability, but you are always in the know.
  6. Team management
    Managing feedback getting too much to handle for a single person? Define roles and manage your team by adding as many collaborators as you want. You will also get notifications about everything going on your account, along with detailed reports and clean invoices for your organization.
  7. Real-time feedback analysis
    Real-time feedback analysis
    One of the biggest reasons why Feedier works best for me is because it’s completely analytical. From generating graphics such as number of feedback entries, visits, and average time, to easy keyword search that lets me explore all my answers, it does the job in a few seconds!Feedier goes to the extent of generating individual reports and analytics for each customer. So, you have the entire view of every customer of yours in a click. Know them from the device and browser they used, the time they took to answer, and their satisfaction level – all in a jiffy.
  8. I’ve always preferred integrating the platforms I use with multiple apps, and Feedier is no different! The platform provides top-notch documented JSON API for you to integrate it into your own tools. Moreover, you can build Zaps and do your own actions post feedback, and also work with their team to provide custom rewards, question types, access, API etc


  • Easy setup process : Configure carrier – > Configure questions – > Reward & engage. With a slick UI and an easy-to-learn process, you will find your way around it within minutes.
  • Playful look & feel : Feedier is quite aesthetic, which makes it stand out among the fleet of feedback collectors that your customers might have witnessed before.
  • Reward functions : Lets you go beyond the robotic and mundane “thank you for your time” email. Your customers deserve better than that!
  • Completely brandable (only on Top-tier plan) : Although reserved for the crème-de-la-crème so to speak, Feedier does allow complete customization so that you can make your feedback forms look like they’re a part of your brand.
  • Real-time insights, reports, and analytics from one dashboard : Here, you can monitor your KPIs with real-time insights, in-depth reports, and powerful analytics – whenever you want.


  • Could be too playful for professional brands : It could be fancy and phenomenal to some, but could be too casual for others. In the end, it depends on how you wish to project your brand to your customers.
  • Fewer customization options for those not on top-tier plan : Configure carrier – > Configure questions – > I sincerely wish that those who are not on top-tier plan got more to play around with.


  1. Feedier enables you to finally create valuable relationships with your customers through unique customer access and easy segmentation and filtering.
  2. Through powerful analytics and in-depth reports, it opens doors to new opportunities for you to serve your customers in a manner they wish for.
  3. It’s adaptable to suit your needs with its powerful API that lets you deliver custom integrations.
  4. Through a robust reward-based system, Feedier ensures that most of your customers will be left satisfied, and won’t hesitate to get contacted by you again.


Following the easy mantra “They win, you win”, Feedier ensures an enjoyable feedback experience to your customers. Although the starting price is $49/month, you can start with a 15-day free trial, and choose the plan that suits your needs best.



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