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Video marketing is quickly changing the scene in how every person, company, or organization is promoting their image and reaching out to the public or prospective clients. It’s already happening everywhere – with platforms of all kinds offering the capacity to add a short video on your profile, etc. It works well, costs little, and conveys your message more effectively. If this message concerns sales, then you get a higher promotion impact, and better sales, of course.

However, having this fragmentation in the uploading and promoting options causes confusion, while producing a quality promo can take time, cost money, and then even more valuable resources to communicate it across your target audience. That said, not many have jumped to the video marketing bandwagon just yet, so the benefits are maximized for those who have. From the various tools that are used for this purpose, there’s one that sees a rise and positive publicity lately.

Say hello to Dubb!

About Dubb

As the name implies, Dubb was made to link you with others, and it’s practically a video creation and sharing platform. It offers easy-to-use video recording tools and alleviates the users from having to possess any technical knowledge or previous experience in either video creation or video promotion marketing. That is why people from various business fields pick Dubb to help them streamline communication and increase sales.

Simply put, Dubb helps you create and send videos via email or SMS, track the engagement of your viewer’s thanks to its analytics tools, integrate with most of the widely used CRM solutions, and link well with tools that will help you shout your promo videos like MailChimp. Because of its wide utilization potential, it’s used by both small businesses and enterprise-sized organizations. Thus, it comes with three pricing plans for each category, providing a different set of features while also raising the team member limit as you go higher.


  1. Custom Video Pages

Video Pages are the original location of the videos that you create with Dubb, so they owe to be both friendly and pleasing to the eye of the visitor. What I really liked about them, however, is the fact that they are also highly customizable! Users are given the capacity to add their company brand and logos, use a custom URL for the video page that is closer to your branding, choose between various themes, add personal contact information to land more sales, add more videos in the form of playlists, and a lot more.

  1. Call to Action Features

Calls-to-action is the alpha and omega of sales, transforming leads into conversions decisively. Seeing specifically “call to action” features in Dubb is undoubtedly something that adds value to the product and possibly also increases your conversion rates. These specialized features are mainly focused around how the communication is handled as a next step, involving all means (SMS, email, phone), and even incorporating Facebook Messenger chat, calendar logging, and external URL redirection.

  1. Data Reporting and Activity Notifications

Knowing what the impact of your videos allows for targeted optimizations and the development of more specific business plans. Dubb has you covered on the “knowing” part by offering a rich variety of reporting and notification features, allowing the user to monitor the viewer on real time, and then follow up with a much more targeted approach.

  1. Chrome Extension

When I first logged in the Dubb interface, I was happy to see a pop-up notification that informed me of a Dubb Chrome extension. This makes accessing the screen recorder, webcam recorder, and all camera and microphone settings a lot handier.

  1. Mobile App

If the browser is not a choice for you, Dubb also offers a mobile app that features a similar interface with the website UI but is optimized for mobile use. No serious compromises have taken place for this app development, as mobile users can get all of the video creation and uploading functionality of the “standard” application.

  1. Facebook Pixels Integration

It’s all about Facebook Pixels lately, and it’s really no wonder why. Facebook is king in the delivery of targeted ads, and Pixels is a critical cog in the whole process of collecting data and tracking conversions. Dubb supports the integration of Pixels into the custom video pages, so you can get a dash of additional tracking and re-targeting optimization.

  1. Gmail and Outlook Extension

Emails remain the primary way to convey your message to people, and when this message is in the form of a video, it is essential to be able to incorporate it in any email message seamlessly. With a Dubb icon conveniently located in the compose box of both Gmail and Outlook, the action of attaching the video right from the platform becomes as simple as it can get. While we’re at it, I should not leave out MailChimp, which also has a Dubb extension so you can launch mail campaigns and implement your Dubb videos.

  1. Animated Thumbnails

Thumbnails are cool. YouTube rolled them out a year ago, and so the majority of people out there is now used to the mouse-over goodness. Dubb is kind (and awesome) enough to allow users to trim their videos and select a 3-second animated preview so the receptors of your emails can get an idea of what this video is about without even clicking on it.


  • Integrations: Dubb really comes with A LOT of integration options, and users report that they are easy to set up and work seamlessly. Chrome extension, iPhone and Android apps, Outlook and Gmail add-ins, Slack notification, Hubspot extension, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Contactually, Linkedin, Zapier, Calendy, Instagram, MailChimp, Facebook Messenger, Insightly, and Twitter profile integration are only some examples of what you can link with Dubb.
  • Sleek Interface: Combining satisfaction for both the creator and the visitor is not always the case in this type of applications. Some focus on luring their clients with a nice interface and choose to disappoint the viewers, while others have it all set up for the viewers while the creators have to work on an obstructive interface to get things done. Dubb combines them both, so everyone can enjoy a modern-looking, sleek interface.
  • Amazing price really:  Compared to other solutions in the market, and by taking into account the limitations in team members and features, Dubb is a real bargain.
  • Analytics: Again, Dubb shines through its reporting section, allowing its users to get an in-depth insight into what’s going on. Not every video creation tool out there offers analytics, but this is crucial for making sales.


  • Can take time to learn: Having a rich set of features, high functionality capacity and many customization options are all great, but it also means that you’ll have to learn how to use it. Dubb makes a notable effort in helping its users get on board, with a Learning Center that contains tutorials and all kinds of support, but still, users will have to invest some time into it.
  • No free plan: There is no free plan available, not even something with extremely basic functionality and significant limitations in all aspects. Of course, no one is obliged to roll out a free version of their product, but some in this field do. So, this comes as a negative point for Dubb. It does offer a free trial though so that people can test it out.
  • Only Chrome extension: For me personally, being a Chrome user means that I don’t have to worry about Dubb extension availability. However, I cannot ignore the absence of an extension for other browsers like Firefox. Yes, Chrome counts a devastating user base percentage of around 70% nowadays, but it’s not the only cherry in the basket, and some prefer Firefox, Safari, or whatever else. This absence is not exactly a deal-breaker, but it can seriously annoy some prospective customers.


  1. Increase Sales Conversion Rates

Being the primary goal for many of Dubb’s users, increasing the sales conversion rates is maybe the most prominent benefit of using this product. While it’s not built for sales only, it boasts many features that were specifically developed and implemented for this purpose like the call to action and data reporting functionality.

2. Add Professionalism and Personalization on Various Aspects of your Work

Whether you want to send personalized greetings, provide walkthroughs, or share screencasts with clients or team members, Dubb will help you increase the level of professionalism in what you do, and also make it personal. This is always crucial since presenting information in such a manner raises your chances of succeeding in sales, improves your image, and sets you aside from the competition.

3. Get More Insight on What’s Working (and What’s Not)

Was that promotion theme or strategy a good idea after all? Don’t wait for quarterly sales figures to find out. Dubb can provide insightful data on what works and what is not working in accordance with the designated goals, allowing you to act in time and optimize things accordingly. The benefit of having instant feedback is one that is highly valued by companies around the world, and it’s no wonder why.

All said and done, Dubb is a video creation and sharing tool, and one that is quite good in all aspects of its operational capacity. Add the fact that it is competitively priced, and rightfully gets a high place in the consideration of sales agents and marketing professionals. It will help you build trust with new prospects, showcase your services or products, and generate more interest from buyers. With Dubb, people find that the prospecting times are shortened, and sales conversion rates are heightened. Sounds simple, and it really is, as long as you use it right!

Dubb has a lot of usage scenario potential, so getting the most out of it can take time. This is why I believe that the 14-days free trial can be inadequate for many users to help them understand what Dubb can do for them. By the time you get your grips on how to create notably engaging videos, the trial period is over, so figuring what value it can bring to your business may be tricky. I would suggest that you start the trial during a period that you have some free time, get the help that is immediately offered by Dubb’s agents, and see what you can really do with it. If the gains justify the cost, it’ll be the next weapon on your sales arsenal.


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