Locating really good and high-quality stock assets on the web today isn’t all that hard, really. There are numerous options out there, and many of them are great in every sense of the word. That is if you don’t consider high costs to be an issue. Of course, those costs are understandable as a high quality means high royalty fee, more diligent artists creating and uploading the available assets, and a large team of professionals working day and night to renew the database and maintain the platform’s functionality.

    Considering cheaper options, on the other hand, even those that are completely free to use without limitations, we encounter the problem of low-quality, limited resources, few assets in each category, and dysfunctional platforms, in general.

    But…what if there was a perfect combination of reasonable pricing and high-quality, with insightful and easy to use UI, a competitively large database of stock photos, and powerful searching options? Keep reading to find out.

    About DepositPhotos

    DepositPhotos is a reasonably priced database of premium royalty-free stock photos, vector images, and videos that offers almost all the goodness of high-profile platforms at a fraction of the cost. Since 2009 when the platform was established, it has grown to become one of the big players in the market, aiming at small companies, agencies, and individuals who are looking for a financially viable solution to their stock photo needs.

    About DepositPhotosOne of the great powers of DepositPhotos is the payment flexibility that it offers to its users.  The way through which one can purchase the asset license covers a wide spectrum of choice – from single credit-card purchases and one-time bulk buys, to automated monthly and annual billing plans. There are different pricing plans for videos and for photos, various subscription or on-demand packages, and license option based plans featuring different asset packs. For more details, check out their pricing webpage.


    1. Free Images and Video

      Starting with the best part of them all, DepositPhotos doesn’t only offer affordable assets but also freebies. While this isn’t to say that they can compare to free databases in terms of abundance, they still offer quite a lot of assets that are free of any charge and feature good enough quality. So, whatever you are looking for, the freebies should naturally be your first stop in your search.Free Images and Video
    2. Low-Cost AssetsThe cost of high-quality and high-resolution stock photos ranges from $0.18 to $1. This is especially low-cost considering the quality that you get, and while extended license assets cost more, they are still within the “affordable” range.
    3. Huge DatabaseIn totality, DepositPhotos contains over 95 million files in its large database, with new assets being added on a weekly basis. You’ll get a vast number of results under multiple categories such as “Art”, “Vintage”, “Cities”, Celebrities”, Computers”, and “Animals”. Moreover, I even tested the database by entering a couple of obscure search terms, and it still yielded relevant assets. So, that sorts out your quest for variety!
    4. Payment Flexibility

      PayPal, MoneyBookers, WebPay, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCL, Diners Club) – DepositPhotos supports all major payment gateways, so choose the one that suits you best!
    5. Searching Features

      Having a large database of content without providing a powerful search engine is like having strong wind without sails. Thankfully, DepositPhotos has one of the most comprehensive search filters menus that I have seen in the field, allowing you to search by category, image size, tags, keywords (including exclusion options), color, and orientation. In some categories, it goes a step further by offering advanced filters such as the number of people in a photo, their gender and age, showing/not showing faces, indoor/outdoor, etc.Searching Features - Depositphotos
    6. Editorial MaterialIn need for commercial-ready assets to add on news stories? DepositPhotos has you covered with their Editorial section that covers celebs, countries, landmarks, and anything else that you may need for your story. All of the assets that are contained in this category are high resolution, suitable for a wide range of media, and sold with the “extended license” option.Editorial Material
    7. Undiscovered Material

      Although it’s practically a part of the search engine, the “undiscovered material” option gives users the capacity to locate and purchase assets that have never been used before in any media. This has the obvious advantage of creating unique stories or promotional material, as your images will not have been seen anywhere else before.Undiscovered Material
    8. Blog

      The blogging section of DepositPhotos is a small world on its own. Featuring news stories, interesting interviews of amazing artists, design and photography posts to help you professionally, and even business and marketing articles, it’s really an invaluable part of using the platform.Depositphotos Blog


    • AppSumo deals: DepositPhotos is offered on a huge discount through App Sumo on a regular basis. The last time was during Black Friday, and it wasn’t the first time this year. If you grab a yearly plan of the platform on AppSumo, the financial benefit will be huge.
    • Rich selection: I have seen stock image sites that market large asset databases having very limited assets in specific categories. That is not the case in DepositPhotos, as you can find even the most specialized content there.
    • Easy navigation:  Having an easy to use and the straightforward user interface is key to doing things quickly and effectively. DepositPhotos offers an intuitive interface that you can also adjust to up to a point, setting the viewing methods in the way that is most convenient to you.
    • Affordable: Not many platforms of this kind can boast of having such prices for their assets. Considering the quality that comes at this cost, DepositPhotos is a truly unique platform among the top of the kind.
    • Language support: No matter where you are from, DepositPhotos can most probably speak your language. The platform has been fully translated in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, and 10 more languages!


    • License ambiguity: If you are looking to sell or distribute an asset, or simply use it for commercial purposes, you may be required to buy a license extension. It depends. The agreements are unclear as the language that is used is not simple enough and you need to be careful. The editorial material is suitable for all users, but for the rest, you’ll need to figure out what’s allowed and what’s not.
    • Not everything is unique: Many assets look identical, and when you have to go through hundreds of results, it can get frustrating. If there was a more vigorous review of the submissions, maybe the platform could potentially select “the best” instead of many slightly different versions of the same image.
    • Not everything is great: Again, the lack of in-depth review and approval procedures from the platform’s side results in having a few cases of mediocre-quality assets. Now, don’t get me wrong, most of them are high-quality as there are uploading regulations in place. It’s just that you will encounter some “not so great” results every now and then.
    • Limited Video Selection: While DepositPhotos does offer high-resolution videos, the videos database size is nowhere near that of the photos database. If you are looking for a rich video selection, you’d better look elsewhere. This platform specializes in photos.
    • Poor Customer Service: There are plenty of user reports on DepositPhotos claiming that their customer service is straight out bad. From fraudulent behavior, plan renewals without asking for or getting a confirmation, not helpful chat agents who don’t answer to requests, charging for canceled subscriptions, mail spamming, disabling access to content that was previously rightfully bought, and a lot more. Of course, everything is taken with a grain of salt, but there really are many negative reviews out there to just neglect them.


    1. Spend less and do so flexible

      The first and primary benefit of using DepositPhotos is spending less to acquire premium royalty-free stock photos, videos, or vectors. Any business, organization, or individual have to make a profit in what they do, so spending less to get adequate quality is a solid way to achieve that. Add to that the flexibility in payment plans, and you can find something that fits you perfectly.
    2. Get access to pro-grade assets

      Editorial-ready material is especially expensive as it has been handpicked, chosen among many for its higher quality, and having extensive license rights that allow you to publish it on all media without constraints. The fact that DepositPhotos incorporates such a category of content makes the platform pro-grade.
    3. Social media marketing

      With tools like DepositPhotos, your social media marketing can be much more effective, engaging, and to the point. Using high-quality content on social media campaigns or even daily posts is key to capturing the attention of your followers and promoting your brand or message in a powerful way.
    4. Get inspired

      Creative people can inspire others and also need to be inspired by others. The DepositPhotos blog is rich with inspiring stories that will give you a new perspective, gets your creative juices flowing, and showcases content from the best. This is important for people who regularly work with creative platforms.DepositPhotos is an almost absolutely balanced solution between quality and cost. That said, if you’re on the hunt for the crème-de-la-crème of stock photos, maybe, you’ll waste your time with DepositPhotos. But, if would-just-do assets with high resolutions are your end game, then you should look no further.From a contributor’s perspective, on the other hand, DepositPhotos will only disappoint you as the assets are sold at quite a low price. So, you’ll only earn a notable amount of money if you sell A LOT of images. The good thing is that the platform will still reward you exponentially for your contributions. You start with 34% for the first 499 downloads, and you can climb up to 42% if you surpass 150000 downloads. These “contribution levels” seem a bit unrealistic to me, and definitely promote a mass creation and uploading of assets mentality to the contributors. If you believe that the fact that DepositPhotos appeals to such a large user base will make it easier for you to sell your photos, then maybe it can serve you well enough.


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