Actual product demonstration has been one of the most effective sales methods since forever. When you want to sell something to a prospective customer, showing exactly how it works in real time is the safest way to convince them on its usability potential and functional capacity. Now, if you do it at the exact moment when these customers are interested in having the demonstration, then you’ll have the ultimate “leads to captures” conversion rate.

In modern day, this mainly pertains to performing compelling demonstrations through screen sharing, and doing so when the client is asking for it. A simple client request for a demo can be passed to a sales agent, and an in-depth display of the product’s features can manifest in a matter of minutes. This is exactly where CrankWheel comes in, allowing your customers to request a demonstration of your product or services by simply clicking a button on your website, and then your sales agents to process the given information and arrange the demo almost immediately.

About CrankWheel

CrankWheel is a web-based screen-sharing platform that connects two or more users for the purpose of a product demonstration. The agents can screen-cast their browsers, apps, or whole screens to their clients, while also having live data on the engagement of the latter. The demonstration is conducted on a solid and reliable platform that won’t betray you in the middle of the process, as CrankWheel is quite versatile and stable.

From the client’s perspective, there’s no need to install anything or use encrypted meeting links, insert codes, or anything that pertains to the usual hassles. All is done right on the browser, enjoying a clean user interface that offers a friendly and modern platform in which sales agents and customers connect and interact. This makes the prospective customers feel positive about you and your products and so to have a satisfactory first experience. This first impression is a key factor in converting leads to captures and CrankWheel plays a crucial role in forming this impression.

About CrankWheel

As the product covers small, medium, and large companies, it offers a rich set of different pricing plans. Starting from the “Free for life”, you get unlimited users, 25 meetings per month, branding features, and limited support, administrative, and integration features. The next level is the “Starter Team” at $75/month with 100 meetings/month, the “Team” at $195/m and 300 monthly meetings, the “Department” plan that offers up to 900 meetings per month at a cost of $495/month, and finally the “Enterprise” which is offered at a quoted price. All plans bring incrementally more advanced administrative features, richer support options (and even concierge on Enterprise), custom domains, and even wider integration. All plans come with two months of discount when paid yearly, and all are unlimited for the first month.


  1. Easy and Quick Screen SharingScreen sharing for sales agents is simple and can be activated immediately. No need for downloading viewers or dedicated apps. The only thing required is for the agent to have the CrankWheel browser plugin installed on their browser. The connection between the sales agents and the prospective customers can be either scheduled or spontaneous, and meetings can have multiple participants or simply be a one-on-one. Easy and Quick Screen Sharing
  2. Instant DemosThe instant demos mechanism increases lead captures and streamlines agent assignment for inbound leads. CrankWheel offers a ready-to-use lead capture dialog that you can attach to any button on your website. When a customer clicks on it, the leads are passed to the agents for immediate handling. In the meantime, CrankWheel researches for more information like the “position” and the “company industry”, based on the customer’s email and shares it with the agent. Even when launching email campaigns, instant demo links can be embedded in the messages and work in the same way. Instant Demos
  3. IntegrationsCrankWheel’s integration scope covers a wide range of tools, depending on the selected plan. All users will enjoy API access and Zapier integration, allowing full connectivity and coherence with any CRM that may be in use. Additionally, those who select either of the priciest plans (Department and Enterprise) will also enjoy the super-useful Salesforce integration.
  4. Reporting and AnalyticsHaving reports and analytics data in your hands means that you can evaluate the performance of certain agents, distinguish successful from failing marketing strategies, and quantify and measure the elements that add up to successful sales. This feature brings power to administration, as all is kept transparent for the management of the organization. Moreover, it can lead to a more effective training of sales agents, which is always a critical factor for the relevant departments.
  5. Live Customer PreviewAs a sales agent, you need to maintain a certain level of interest for your prospective client, otherwise his/her attention may be quickly lost. CrankWheel provides a live preview screen for the agent, allowing the constant monitoring of what the customer is looking or zooming in, and when their cursors are inactive, indicating loss of interest. This practically gauges attention and permits agents to drive a presentation on the right road by acting quickly.Live Customer Preview
  6. SSL SecurityA lot of conference and media communication tools out there exchange security for an ease in connectivity, but not CrankWheel. An enterprise-grade SSL layer of connection between the agents+clients and the servers of the product is established from the start. This secures the session and all media presented from unauthorized access.
  7. In Full ControlAdministrative features that expand the capacity of the users are always welcome, and in the case of CrankWheel, they cover several scenarios that underpin business processes. For example, there are content filters that can be applied to prevent the sharing of specific websites such as internal platforms that contain sensitive or undisclosed information. You can even set the types of sharing that are allowed for each user, choosing from browsers, application windows, or even the full screen.
  8. TrainingFinally, the level of support and training that CrankWheel users enjoy really makes a difference. More specifically, the team organizes quarterly educational webinars for all users (even the free-plan ones), and they also develop and distribute bi-weekly educational newsletters. Enterprise users can also enjoy live-training in person and concierge onboarding as a support service.


  • Stability : The slogan “works every time” is not just a marketing catchphrase. User reviews in various platforms report the same, and I can also confirm it from my testing.
  • Relaxed Approach : You know, business is business, but CrankWheel doesn’t want to punish you for not paying for the higher plans. Even if you surpass the number of meetings that your plan allows you to conduct in a month, CrankWheel will still serve you and provide you with a grace period. Moreover, very short meetings do not count towards the total, educational institutions can enjoy premium discounts, and no matter how many the viewers, one meeting still counts as one meeting.
  • Works on Everything : The developers of CrankWheel claim that their product can run even on an old Internet Explorer. The truth is, I didn’t test that, but it does work on all major browsers, Win, Mac, or Linux, and on Android or iOS. This should cover the full realistic spectrum of possible platforms that your customers will use to connect.
  • Works well even at Low-Bandwidth Networks : CrankWheel auto-adjusts itself to the network speed constantly. The screen quality may occasionally decline in some cases of network speed issues, but the connection is never lost and so the presentation can continue.
  • Easy to Train/Learn : As a software tool, it’s pretty easy to learn and use. For large corporations who take staff education costs into account, CrankWheel is a great choice. For the rest, it’s a “grab and go” tool that requires no familiarity to take advantage of.


  • Cumbersome link-sharing at times : While the viewing links are email-ready and SMS-enabled, sometimes you will have to pass it over the phone and this can be hard or even awkward.
  • Not great for education : The fact that the session times out after 10 minutes makes CrankWheel unsuitable for education purposes. Yes, the participants can move their cursors every now and then, but this is not a comfortable solution really. It should have a timeout setting, but then again, the developers have incorporated this for reasons of security.
  • No Built-In VoIP : There is no audio support as there is no built-in VoIP in CrankWheel. The product offers phone conferencing to make the users’ lives easier, but it’s not the same of course.


  1. Increase revenues from Inside Sales and TelesalesThe main purpose of sales agents is to sell, and since CrankWheel helps them in developing sales leads to conversions, this is the main benefit from utilizing it. Depending on the appropriateness of use, the scale of its application, and the performance of the agents themselves, CrankWheel can bring measurable increases in revenues.
  2. Increase revenues from Inbound Leads by reducing callback timesPotential clients can lose their interest quickly, and when searching for a solution to their need, they are going to find a lot of options, some of which are readily available. This highlights the importance of timely action in the form of immediate responses from the agents. CrankWheel plays a key role in minimizing the response times while at the same time preparing the agent as well.
  3. Improve agent training using recording, reporting, and analyticsWith its statistics and data reports, CrankWheel can help trainers develop more targeted techniques to make their agents better. Having insight on what is right or wrong is the first step in correcting it, so this product can possibly help you to improve your personnel.

The Bottom Line

I liked CrankWheel for offering relaxed usage limits so you can test out everything and then decide what plan you need to pay for later. This limitless use applies for all plans for the first month (free included). There are no special requirements in using it, it’s safe, it’s reliable, and it’s interoperable. Also, the types of application for this product are way too many to analyze in this review, so almost anyone could benefit from using CrankWheel. That said, offering such a feature-rich “Free for life” plan is really something. The higher plans are a bit overpriced in my opinion, but as analyzed previously, CrankWheel can potentially increase your revenues by quite a lot, so you must take everything into account.

Compared to other web-based screen sharing tools, CrankWheel is more of an enterprise-grade tool in the sense of being much more secure and scalable. It’s equipped with powerful administration features and concierge services among many other support services. Of course, this comes at a heavier cost, but it’s all a matter of converting this investment to more sales/captures. CrankWheel gives you this capacity, alongside insightful reports that help the sales agents become better through targeted training. If you are in charge of a sales department, you literally have no reason (other than the absence of audio) why not to give the one-month unlimited free plan a test run.



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