What do BufferHootSuiteCoSchedule, and now, ContentStudio have in common? Saving precious amount of time for you! They may all cater to a different market, but they definitely help you with one particular (and quite honestly, a taxing) task of regular social media activity. Think of all the time you could save if you didn’t have to manually sit and make updates on every social media platform. That valuable time could be utilized doing much more important things – like, making sales!

The question, however, has to be asked – what makes ContentStudio a cut above its competitors? If you’re manually taking care of your social media, you definitely need to check it out. But, if you’re using a software already, should you or should you not switch to this new-fangled platform? The folks at ContentStudio say that it’s the only platform you will ever need for your content marketing and social media management. Let’s find out how true that statement holds for keen online business owners by judging its pros and cons.

About ContentStudio

ContentStudio is one of the easiest ways to add a nitro-boost to your social media presence by sharing interesting, engaging content of all sorts with your audience. A competitive social media marketing software product, it features tools like discovery, planner, insights, scheduler, and many more automation tools that help increase your productivity and content marketing efforts manifold. Furthermore, it allows easy integration all of your favourite apps – from the usual Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and LinkedIn, to Flickr, Adobe Creative, ChimpWriter, and many more.

Where ContentStudio stands out, however, is content discovery. It’s an excellent section to find and curate trending content across multiple platforms in a jiffy. From web articles to tweets, images to videos, and even GIFs, the platform allows discovery of topic-relevant content filtered by social shares, media types, and virality. All you’ve got to do is find pertinent content and either publish it individually, or set up an automation campaign to publish the same automatically.


  1. Content Discovery
    Content Discovery
    Content curation is as important, if not more, as content creation, and this particular feature by ContentStudio is my absolute favourite. It basically fetches you trending content from thousands of sources that you can pick from easily. This feature enables you to list down the hottest trends in the industry right now, so that you can better engage your audience by offering them exactly what they’re liking in your niche. 
  2. Automation – Blog and Social Media
    I’ll be honest – it has not been my most favourite task to be regular at sharing new content with my audience. Sooner or later, I’ve faltered with timelines, and inevitably, my business has borne the brunt of it. With ContentStudio, however, I found it incredibly easy to share content through their automation feature for both blogs as well as social media.Automation – Blog and Social MediaI’ve literally sat down at once and scheduled all the content I’ve wanted to post on my desired channels, without worrying about them again. I particularly like the advanced filtering under this feature that helps me narrow down my content based on the region, language, age group, and engagement levels.

    Note that, this feature doesn’t just schedule content for you – it also lets you select your keywords and domains to avoid irrelevant content posting, and only share the type of content you want to share with your audience.

  3. Post composition with live SEO optimization toolboxWhat’s worse than content creation? Slow content creation. It’s dreary, and can really feel like a mammoth task. Enter ContentStudio’s awesome, feature-rich post composer that gives you great content suggestions on what your next blog post should be, and inspire you to create better content for your audience.Post composition with live SEO optimization toolbox

    What’s more, it also lets you embed videos, images and GIFs that are relevant to your niche, through easy drag-and-drop editor in an effortless manner. The highlight, however, is its real-time SEO optimization toolbox that lets you create a fully optimized post while you’re writing it.

  4. Content PlannerThe dreaded P-word rears its head every now and then, and no online content creator is immune to it. We all struggle with planning, which only affects our organization and productivity. ContentStudio’s singular planning interface, however, comes to your rescue by providing an interactive content calendar and team workflow reviewer.Content Planner

    Apart from overviewing your schedule anytime you like, you can also filter through the tasks assigned to your team members, review, approve or reject posts as per will, and keep everyone organized and accountable from one platform.

  5. Intuitive publishing
    Better engagement translates to better business, which means, every piece of content that you publish must consistently contain videos, images, quotes, etc. I found the publishing feature of ContentStudio quite intuitive, owing to the awesome hashtag suggestions (I don’t really excel at finding them myself!), easy insertion of multimedia content, and even repurpose old content!Intuitive publishingYou can even publish every post of yours repeatedly on your social media pages – simply schedule them in a few clicks, and get more unique viewers each time you repost.


  • Content discovery : Easily the one feature where ContentStudio stands out, this feature is extremely effective for online content curators.
  • Automation tool : Extremely intuitive and helpful, this tool helps you share highly relevant content to your destination channels without ever interrupting you.
  • App integration : With 20+ enabled app integrations, this will give your content sharing the lift it truly deserves.
  • Content repurposing and resharing : An excellent way to get more and more unique viewers each time you post an old post.
  • Supports 15+ spoken languages : ContentStudio isn’t bound by one language, and allows posting in as many different languages as you wish to, thus, unlocking a whole new audience of native speakers.
  • Up to 500 posts per month on free account : Obviously, all paid plans allow unlimited social sharing, but 500 posts per month are a great deal to begin with!


  • No Instagram and Google Plus yet: It’s a bummer that for all the pluses ContentStudio has, there is no provision of auto-posting on massive engagement platforms like Instagram and Google Plus yet. Although, word on the street is that the integrations are on their way.


  1. It is the easy-peasy content discovery that makes ContentStudio a must-get for online content creators. Whether it’s finding “hot” content on Facebook by engagement, or trending content on Twitter by “retweets”, the platform makes finding relevant content a cakewalk.
  2. ContentStudio lets you make content management an effortless feat, which is always a priority for agencies. In its “Team Members” section, you can add multiple social media marketers in your team to manage a host of platforms, all from a single interface. Needless to say, this feature makes overall business streamlining a whole lot better.
  3. The scheduling capabilities of ContentStudio are intelligent, to say the least. This ensures that you’re not bombarding your audience by posting every 2 minutes. Worse, Facebook will soon detect this, and mark your content “low value”, thereby, hiding it from your audience. Instead, use the scheduler to post regularly without being annoying. Vary your content as well as its posting times to appear natural and interesting to your audience.

The Bottom Line

Watch out existing content sharing platforms; there’s a new player in town, and it’s more economical than others! ContentStudio deserves a go, primarily for its au-courant features and app integrations. That’s if you aren’t going to miss posting on Instagram too much, but we hear it’s coming soon, so hang tight.



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