Arranging meetings and appointments may seem like a simple task, but when your company is growing quickly and you need to coordinate the communication of more than 10 people, frequent time overlaps and back-and-forth feedback for the arrangements may take much time to complete. This naturally increases the required devotion of staff and the associated costs for appointment scheduling administration exponentially.
Automating this process and scheduling even hundreds of daily appointments for the personnel or the clients/customers of your company can free up some serious resources as well as speed up procedures in all fields. Add to that the ability to schedule and accept payments, and you will have a powerful tool in your hands, letting your business take off while taking care of the dull parts of administration.

About Bookafy

Bookafy is an online scheduling and small business management tool that offers enough versatility to serve a wide range of different business sectors, while at the same time staying fully capable of being customized to fit the specific needs of a company. Simply put, Bookafy is used by companies or entities who are engaged in small-scale operations to help them schedule their meetings, calls, appointments, and any other form of internal correspondence.

Besides the scheduling itself, Bookafy is valuable as a coordination and reminder tool as it can be synced with popular calendar software tools, send SMS and email reminders and even arrange appointments automatically based on a set of designated parameters. It offers a comfortable trial period, and a “value for money” subscription of only $7/month, making it one of the most affordable tools of this kind, especially suitable for small businesses and freelancers.

Best Features

  1. Online Appointments (including recurring, and custom fields for categorization) + using the phoneScheduling an appointment or meeting with Bookafy is its main feature and role, so it is done in a fairly simple and straightforward way. A user can either follow the link provided by the organization and select an appropriate time and day among the designated work hours or simply accept a specific invitation (in the case of internal meetings).There are abilities for rescheduling and recurring, filling out of fields to get directed to the suitable person, and a summary confirmation screen. This process is not only done on the PC, but can also be carried out on Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone.

    Online Appointments (including recurring, and custom fields for categorization) + using the phone

  2. Calendar SyncWhether you prefer Google Calendar, iCloud, or Microsoft Calendar and Outlook, Bookafy integrates with all three and allows you to follow up the scheduled appointments, set additional reminders through these third-party apps, and set up alerts. Specially in the case of the Google Calendar, there is the capacity for two-way syncing as the integration is complete. The developers promise the expansion of this functionality to Outlook soon. Having Bookafy’s calendar and all Google calendars of your employees or your customers synchronized is invaluable for this type of operations.
    Calendar Sync
  3. Electronic Payments (Stripe and a consultation appointment with its associated fees is also a very important feature of Bookafy, and while the absence of the Paypal option is quite a stentorian one, the job will still be perfectly done through and Stripe. The user can easily set up the fees and adjust the cost of any type of meeting or appointment through the settings screen. The attendee may then complete the payment right on the platform, and the receipt will be printed out with the relevant details. So, another time-saver right there!Electronic Payments (Stripe and
  4. GoToMeeting button
    Integrating with GoToMeeting is another hand loosener for the users of Bookafy, as you are always a single click away from joining the meeting, right from the notification messages. The administrator will have to enable this from the appointment type item preferences screen, and this option becomes available after connecting our Bookafy account on the GoToMeeting website. The process is simple, and the benefits include the advanced features that the GoToMeeting platform offers for business messaging and team settings.GoToMeeting button
  5. Booking SettingsNo matter how great the tool that you use is, if it can’t be adjusted to your specific needs and allows for some branding that will give your organization’s touch, it will feel disconnected and non-coherent to your business. That is why Bookafy’s customization options are one of its most important features. Options of the booking page include the addition of custom messages, company logos, colors/styles, and even certain invitee questions like the one shown in the following screenshot. Not all organizations need the same set of questions, so Bookafy’s ability to adjust on your specific needs is important in any case..Booking Settings


  • Open API : Open API is the absolute prerequisite to make any software to match your specific needs and unique utilization requirements. There’s no way around this, so having it on Bookafy means that it can be customized to meet your business needs.
  • Rich Customization Options : Custom messages, branding elements, custom staff scheduling, tailored reminders, and many more options such as review requests, publicity options, appointment limits, etc. Having options everywhere means doing business more effectively, so the more the better.
  • Access Website : Bookafy offers an access website for free (included in the subscription price), so you simply share the link with your customers and they will be able to schedule their appointment. Of course, you can always use your own website instead if you have one, and even set different websites for different appointment types. In any case, Bookafy has you covered on that part.
  • 3rd party integration : Bookafy covers a wide range of integration with numerous third-party tools and applications, uniting your process and making your workflow more efficient. These include Mailchimp, WordPress, GoToMeeting, Wix, Zoom, Squarespace, Zapier, Stripe, Constant Contact, Google Calendar, Weebly, Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, QuickBooks, Hatchbuck,, Contactually,, iCloud, and FullContact.
  • Multi-language : Bookafy’s interface is fully translated into 29 languages. So, wherever you are in the world, chances are that you can use your native language and make things comfortable for your staff and customers.


  • Limited import/export : Bookafy offers limited importing/exporting capabilities, and cannot read from customer databases. This is indicative of the fact that the tool is intended to be used by small-size organizations. The ability to import clients from databases is offered as a service, and at an additional cost of course.
  • Does not support PayPal payments : Whether you like PayPal or not, it is the most widely used online payments system in the world. Not supporting it creates a gap and a headache for your clients who will often have to create new accounts on the supported platforms only to pay you. There is no mention of a plan to support PayPal soon on Bookafy’s website, so this remains a serious deficiency.
  • No reporting : While you can have valuable information such as customer reviews, there are no reporting tools integrated in Bookafy to inform you of your agents’ satisfaction scores, time to complete appointments, number of appointments done during the last week or month, or any kind of data that would help you optimize your operations.


  1. Automate and streamline meetings and appointmentsAutomating the procedure of appointments and meetings scheduling frees up resources in your company and allows you to devote them elsewhere. This is the main point of using Bookafy, and the main benefit that comes from it. A headache is gone with just $7 per month!
  2. Learn from customer reviews and get betterListening to customers is always important in getting better which, in turn, is important in getting larger. Bookafy supports customer reviews and allows you to even select their publicity. This is another key element as you’ll have a new channel to communicate your customers’ satisfaction.
  3. Coordinate and organize your staffWith staff calendars and scheduling of internal meetings, you are enabled to infuse accountability and self-organization within your employees. Even those who are forgetful because they are creative and busy will never miss or delay in joining a meeting as they will be receiving emails and SMS alerts beforehand. The benefits of having organized personnel are multiple, and their effects are evident in all operational areas of your company.

The Bottom Line

Bookafy is not taking a significant toll on your organization’s expenditures, while at the same time it can potentially go way beyond than simply paying for itself, very quickly and very easily. This is just another way of saying that Bookafy is really worth its small cost, but it is also important to highlight that this is a fairly simple tool with enough features and power to adjust to medium or even larger companies.

Freelancers, small non-benefit organizations and small businesses will be the typical users of this tool. So, its adjusting power is actually more of a supporting frame on your way up. Bookafy will help you grow, and it will stay on your side while you do so.



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