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    Doing professional work requires pro-grade tools, and these tools usually cost a lot since they took much time and resources to develop. However, professional software is specifically created to assist you in making or saving money, so it is usually considered an investment for companies and professional individuals. You invest in buying a software tool, and then you reap the fruits of this investment in the long-term or even immediately.

    This investment can be a significant burden to carry, especially if you are taking your first professional steps, or if you are exploring a new market field, or if the benefits that come from a software tool are not enough to offset the cost. What if you could drastically minimize the cost of this investment and enjoy all the amazing features of pro-grade software tools without a catch lurking in the corner?

    About AppSumo

    This is absolutely possible thanks to AppSumo and its amazing and unique deals. AppSumo is an online store for entrepreneurs who are looking to buy professional software tools on a bargain. When I say bargain, I mean once in a lifetime “how is that even possible” kind of discounts that new visitors have trouble to believe in the first place. Of course, the same platform is also the place for software developers to promote their products and reach out to wide audiences.

    AppSumo achieves this by maintaining a large and active community of over a million users, so partners are willing to offer unbelievable discounts just so they can reach that large pool of potential customers. Especially for new software tools that have not been established in the market yet, AppSumo can act like a very effective promotional tool to get a kick-start in user-base creation. That said, most of these offers are limited both in terms of time and in their number, and they are almost certain to be seen once in a lifetime for each product.

    About AppSumo


    1. Featured Offer
    The first thing that a visitor of the AppSumo website sees is the featured offer. This is a single offering that is hugely discounted and almost always concerns a “heavy-duty” software tool such as a complete suite for example. Most of these special offers come with a set of unique features only available to the “AppSumo” plan, so you’re not only getting something “big” on a vastly reduced cost, but you are also getting a unique set of features that place you in a unique customer category.

    Featured Offer AppSumo2. Offers Presentation
    AppSumo is testing all apps before an offer goes live, and they prepare a comprehensive review of the product to help us decide if it’s good for our purpose or not. The presentation of the app’s most important features includes screenshots, video, and written content, so it’s done with the utmost professional manner.

    AppSumo Offers Presentation

    3. Clean Interface
    The user interface of the AppSumo platform looks modern and refreshing, while it allows visitors to quickly browse through the offers and see what’s on. Having a clean interface is of key importance in any kind of marketplace, so I’m happy with AppSumo’s simplistic yet powerful approach.

    4. Searching
    The search box of AppSumo is dynamic, so it quickly yields results with every letter that you type, and it can index many tags and keywords. In addition to this, there are filters such as “offers ending soon”, or “free”, so you can quickly filter out irrelevant items and find what matters to you.

    Searching AppSumo

    5. AppSumo Plus
    If you are the kind of person who needs to buy offers from AppSumo frequently, or if you are a software developer, you can consider the “AppSumo Plus” membership which costs $99/year, or $8.25/month. This will give you access to “KingSumo Giveaways Pro” and will add another 10% discount on all your purchases. KingSumo costs almost double the price if purchased separately and it’s basically a giveaway organizing and management platform. The reason why this is crucial for any business is that giveaways are amazing promotional and follower engagement and growth methods.

    AppSumo Plus

    6. Giveaways and Freebies!
    Large discounts are great, but free stuff is even better! AppSumo includes a lot of free stuff, in the sense of 100% discounts and amazing promotional giveaways. This practically means that you don’t need to spend a penny to benefit from the platform, and that’s awesome on its own.

    AppSumo - Giveaways and Freebies!

    7. User Comments
    Having user comments down below each app review is a great way for a reality check. Users can even upvote other users’ comments, so the most important ones can be displayed on the top. To clear any misunderstandings or have a debate on a questionable claim, there’s also the possibility to reply to a comment. Still, if that isn’t enough, there’s a “Questions” section where users submit their queries for others (usually the app developers, experts, or AppSumo staff) to answer.

    AppSumo - User Comments

    8. Gift Cards and Credits
    In AppSumo, you may buy a gift card for a friend or colleague and they will be able to redeem that gift card whenever they get the chance, as it never expires. The platform also gives you credits as a reward for having friends who buy apps, or for buying something yourself.

    Gift Cards and Credits


    1. User Comments and Questions: I have no way of knowing whether AppSumo filters out the most negative comments, but I can see that not all of them are praising comments, and some are mentioning key elements about the presented app. That said, I am happy to have the comments and questions section right beneath the app review page.
    2. Combining: Usually, giveaways and app offers have their own dedicated websites, but in AppSumo, they are seamlessly united under a common platform. That is both time-saving and comfortable for us users.
    3. Quality Apps: In general, cheap, incomplete, stagnated, and incompetent software tools are nowhere to be found in AppSumo. Whatever the team decides to partner with, meets a certain quality standard. That’s very important for discount marketplaces that have a lot of “free of charge” offers as well.
    4. Relevance Between Offers: It is often the case that a developer of a set of applications or software tools partners with AppSumo, and when this happens, there’s some integration going on in the deals. Having three tools from the same software developer/publisher on special offer means that you can cover a wide range of needs for your company while keeping things coherent and interoperable. That’s great!
    5. Money Back: Didn’t like what you bought eventually? That doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it just because you purchased it on a discount. AppSumo offers a comfortable if not generous 60-day refund window.


    1. Limits: All offers are strictly valid for the designated period of time, so if you miss it, there’s no way to get that offer. The same applies to the number of licenses that are given out to users on a discount. Whatever comes first, means the offering is over. Some see this “sold out” approach as a fake scarcity method, but it makes sense to me in terms of doing business. Still, I would prefer it if only time limitations applied, as license limits induce stress and can lead to impulse buying.
    2. Finding the Cool Stuff: Not everything in AppSumo is a great or even a good deal, and while this sounds like a counteracting statement in relation to the claims made in this article, it really isn’t. What I mean to say is that you should always be careful in finding the “really great” offers, as a huge discount doesn’t always mean that a software tool is the absolute best deal or choice in its respective market.
    3. Not Allowed to Resell: Ok, this is also to be expected, but still, I can’t leave it out of the inclusion for this cons section. Whatever deal you buy on the AppSumo website, you are not allowed to resell it. If you do, your account is deleted for life and the deal license is revoked.


    1. Financial
      First and foremost, you pay way less to get the same software tool that others have paid or will pay a lot more to get. When this comes at no feature or usage limitations, no hidden charges, and no traps that become apparent on a later date, then you have made the ideal bargain for yourself. Cutting costs on the exact same tools that will help you generate more revenue is the absolute manifestation of efficiency.
    2. Unique Extra Features
      Lifetime deals on a 95% discount? Paying once for a product that offers subscription-only plans? AppSumo makes it all possible and makes you part of a unique user category for the purchased product in the sense that you will be enjoying a unique set of features. Sometimes, AppSumo users may get features that are not even there for regular users. This is all encompassed in the magic of the limited AppSumo deals.
    3. Get your own product promoted there
      If you are that product developer or publisher, then AppSumo has the clear benefit of helping you reach to a wide audience quickly and effectively. Most of AppSumo’s users are specialized professionals, so this is like a highly targeted social media campaign, only with AppSumo you don’t have to do all that crucial research and data analytics work to achieve the same results.

    The Bottom Line

    AppSumo is an awesome platform of amazing deals that often scrape the limits of the unbelievable. In my opinion, the question is not whether anyone should be using it but how. With great offers come great temptations, and this means that AppSumo can lead to purchases of software products only for the sake of not missing out on a great deal. Add to that the effect of the “scarcity psychology” that is generated by the limits in the offers, and the time to take a proper decision about something is minimized. This can lead to “bad purchases” of apps that you don’t really need, and owing licenses for products that are almost completely irrelevant to your field of work. This is the only point of attention when it comes to using AppSumo responsibly, as impulse buying can easily defeat the purpose of the platform. With this warning out of the way, I suggest that you check it out unconditionally.


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